Media Overload

Media is around us all throughout the day whether it is through print, broadcast, or the internet. I believe there is a such thing as having too much media. This would be considered a media overload. I know from my own experience, that there is too much media available to us. I really can not count how much media consumes my time throughout the day, which as you can tell is pretty bad. I believe on average I spend about fourteen hours on my phone throughout the entire day taking up all the information the media has to offer. I believe there is a problem with media overload because people, including myself, are not experiencing the full quality of life because we are so tied into the media. An example of this would be spending time with a loved one and constantly checking your Facebook or Instagram the whole time. Constantly checking these media platforms affects being able to really enjoy that special time together. I can admit that I do this all the time with my loved ones and miss out on that quality time. On the subject of encouraging people to interact with the media, I am not sure if we should or shouldn’t. I believe that people can make their own decisions whether to use forms of media. In my opinion, I would just say that maybe we all should limit our intake of the media because it can get overwhelming with having so much information presented to you. For children, I definitely would not encourage them to interact with the media because you would not want them learning things that would reflect on their behavior. Children absorb information the most and the media would only influence them the greatest.

2 thoughts on “Media Overload

  1. Great post! I actually wrote my post on the same topic. I liked how you talked about children and the implications that media has on their young minds. I feel that media will only have a stronger and stronger influence on children’s ways of thinking, and interacting with one another as time goes on. Media could influence children in any way possible so it is best to shield children from constant media exposure.

  2. Nice post, Chinescha! I think we could all use a break away from the phone now and then. A good way to find balance might be to set certain rules for yourself and loved ones. For example, not having phones out at the dinner table.

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