Extra Credit: Media and Politics

Politics and the media have been a big issue for years now.  Politics and media benefit from one another in different ways.  One of the main ways is that political outputs and politics in general give the media plenty to talk about and as they talk about it, it gives them plenty to misconstrue.  When it comes to polls and who you want to vote for, this is one of the main issues with knowing which candidates are actually reliable and knowing if what the media is saying about them is even reliable information.  People who work for places like Fox News or CNN, they are the main news sources that like to play around with political information and completely bash different candidates that are running for things such as president. A great example of this is when Hillary Clinton and President Donald Trump ran against each other back for the 2016 presidential race.  Media outlets were constantly bashing the two pulling up things from their pasts to have something to make a story about them and grab the audience’s attention by doing so.  When they do this, they are portraying negative images to the audience to make them feel a certain way about whatever is going on.  The media outlets during presidential elections will feed off of negativity for whoever they do not like and give that to the audience or they will take something that they have said in the past or present and add more to it to make it more interesting or to make it have something negative about it. With this being said, I think it is important to realize that not all media outlets or news sources give the most reliable information about politics.  They make everything seem so much bigger than it is or they make a politician’s accomplishments seem smaller than they are.

2 thoughts on “Extra Credit: Media and Politics

  1. I completely agree with what you say about never knowing what sources are actually reliable and what beliefs people involved with politics, like the president, actually have. Everyday I get on Facebook and see posts bashing the president and also posts sticking up for the president, but rarely do I see a posting that is actually reliable. Most of the time when I check out where the article actually came from, it is generally from an unreliable source. If you haven’t been in a public health class or a class like our environmental class that has taught us what a credible source actually is, I could see where it would be easy to just believe it “because the internet says so.”

  2. Good points. Is the information that we`re given via media outlets really the most important information, or even the most reliable?

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