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Pure and Natural?  This is a diaper that every mother who is trying to help the environment is buying out there on the market.  I hope that each mother that is buying this product knows that this is one the most greenwashing products out there.  One thing Huggies is big on is natural and renewable resources but they don’t ever really mention on the diapers what materials they are using.

Misleading fact number one is that they state on their diapers is “organic cotton.” I do not disagree that there is organic cotton on the outside of the diapers but it’s hard to believe that the part on the inside is organic cotton as well because it would not be as adsorbate as needed to be a diaper.  Next on the diapers it says “hypoallergenic” does this make Huggies pure and natural diapers any more “Green” then other diapers? I personally think that many diapers claim they are hypoallergenic especially with children this day in age. The next statement provided on the front of the package is aloe and vitamin E… but it doesn’t tell you exactly where these are located in the diaper.  Also we know that aloe and vitamin E are both certified renewable energy sources but are they organic?

As for the fact of the logos on the legitimate diapers, is that organic ink or not? Also these diapers are still disposable and not reusable.  I think that this is the main thing to make a diaper “green” in my eyes is that the diaper can be reused but to x amount of times instead of being thrown out every time a child has gone to the bathroom in it.  I think Huggies had good intentions to get there “going green” movement across to everyone, but some of there “green” ideas I believe are not very truthful. Greenwashing is in a full affect in this ad.


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