Francis Marion Cleanup Event 2/4

There is an upcoming event that is being hosted by the USDA Forest Service and the Palmetto Conservation Foundation to help cleanup trash in the Francis Marion National Forest. This is the tenth year that it is being hosted and has been shown to be very successful in the past. The event starts at 8 A.M on February 4th at the Francis Marion National Forest Headquarters which is located at 2967 Steed Creek Road in Huger. It is one of the most popular cleanup events in the lowcountry and is also a very fun activity to participate in. To register for this event and help cleanup our National Forest you can either go online at and fill out a very short form or you can call 877-725-7733. Over the 10 years that this event has been going on there has been a total of 237 tons of trash removed and around 2100 volunteers! Therefore, this event is extremely helpful of removing all the trash that has been thrown into the forest by human beings with little respect for nature. The Francis Marion National Forest is very large and consists of around 260,000 acres of land. This is a very large area which makes it harder to keep clean especially when there is frequent travel from many hunters, campers, and hikers. In the past, illegal dumpsites, abandoned cars, and furniture have been removed from the forest. In addition to the actual clean up there is also a lunch held afterwards for volunteers. I hope to see y’all there!

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