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Wise up on Waste

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I wanted to write my last blog post on something that seemed relevant to not only our class, but to our society. We are a generation of technology, and we are only evolving from here.Therefore, what way to promote environmental sustainability in a young generation than through an app?

I found an app called Wise up on Waste. This apps is based on food waste reduction. All over the world, we waste so much food that could help people in developing countries simply survive. It is almost disgusting how much we take for granted that we go go to bed with a full stomach usually every night. The two main features of the app are tracking your food consumption, and limiting your wastes by making accurate serving sizes. Also, some other tips they teach you about are as follows: daily specials, ordering, creativity in the kitchen, use of off cuts, dehydrating excess fruits and vegetables, and freezing ingredients. All of these tips are centered around the fact that we need to be aware of all the food we are wasting, and my simply logging your food in an app we can reduce that waste tremendously.

I plan to start using this app right away! I LOVE when indivudals cater to the technology based generation when trying to implement change, because it is simply what works. I love the latest and greatest phones and computers just life everyone else, so having an app that caters to that is a smart move all around.


Here is the link to more about the app, and a link to download: https://www.unileverfoodsolutions.ie/chef-inspiration/from-chefs-for-chefs/work-smart/food-waste-reduction.html


Thanks for reading, and I y’all enjoy the app!

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2 thoughts on “Wise up on Waste

  1. latzerms

    I agree that waste is a real problem in our society. Thanks for introducing this app to us I just looked it up and it seems really cool. I think it would be a good summer goal to reduce your own personal waste through this app or something like that. Really cool post!

  2. bankss1

    This sounds like such a cool app! I definitely want to download this to reduce food waste. I agree that we take so much for granted and never do anything about it! I am definitely going to download this app!

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