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Leonardo Dicaprio

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When I was looking at this blog post assignment, I couldn’t help but think of which celebrities are involved in environmental sustainability but don’t have much credit. Therefore, this blog is kind of a mixed between pop culture and freestyle because I thought this was definitely a neccessary blog!

Once I thought of this idea, I started researching. The main actor I found most involved, and his work to be most interesting, was Leonardo Dicaprio. He does great work to ensure the safety of the environment, prevent climate change, and to protect the world’s vulnerable wildlife. Here is the link for you all to also go look around for yourself- https://www.leonardodicaprio.org. Dicaprio founded this in 1998, and has established over 200 projects to help the environment since. He has been awarded over $80 million dollars in grants for his wonderful efforts. In addition, he made a documentary on a strong passion of his: climate change. I think Dicaprio is doing a wonderful job advocating for our environment, and has done so over the past 20 years!

“Clean air, water, and a livable climate are inalienable human rights. And solving this crisis is not a question of politics, it is a question of our own survival.” I found this quote to be so true and relevant to our class- we are always talking about how it is our own choice to save ourselves and our generations to follow us. It is nice to see someone with a large say in society, and a large amount of money to help influence people in a positive way.

I hope you all go look at his wonderful website, and learn more about Dicaprio like I did! PS- I will leave this picture here. 😛

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  1. quicksv

    Hey! Your blog post title caught my eye and I’m glad I read it! I had no idea that Leonardo Dicaprio was so involved in environmental efforts. Celebrities have such a large voice that can help all different types of causes. With him advocating for the environment for the past 20 years he has done tremendous amounts of good for the efforts against climate change. I love Leonardo Dicaprio as an actor and knowing that he is doing good for the environment outside of acting makes me love him more!

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