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Conserving Water in the Summer Months

Rain catcher from Lowe’s.

Shopping link: https://www.lowes.com/pd/Rain-Wizard-40-Gallon-Black-Recycled-Plastic-Rain-Barrel-with-Spigot/3531984

Hey there,

I have decided to write this blog post on a “Freestyle” topic. I hadn’t found anything in the media that was extremely interesting to me, so I went ahead and started writing about a change I recently implemented.

I live in a single family home in Moncks Corner, that is only two years old, so the house itself is fairly efficient in the grand scheme of things. However, we live on a little over an acre of land, so during the spring and summer months we are constantly watering our grass. We do so with multiple sprinklers and water hoses, and although water is so inexpensive that it does not impact us financially as much, we use SO much water doing so. It started to get to me and I realized how wasteful we are- there are millions of people who are constantly looking for water to survive and we are wasting it away on our grass. It started to irritate me to no end, so off we went.

Next stop: Lowe’s! I love Lowe’s- confessions of Hannah. Anyway, I read some reviews and found an awesome rain catcher that could go on both sides of my house, and attach to my rain gutters. SOLD! I bought two for either side of my house, and have been conserving and re-purposing water ever since. They work great for watering my grass, watering my plants such as ferns, mums, and azaleas, and watering our small garden. I still have to use my sprinkler, but not nearly as much as I used to.  For as much rain as we get in the warm months here in South Carolina, rain catchers are a great idea. Just wanted to share an idea for conserving water; I included a link to Lowe’s (free shipping!) and a picture in case you want to shop in store.

PS- Lowe’s allows dogs. What’s better than conserving water while petting dogs?

Talk soon!


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3 thoughts on “Conserving Water in the Summer Months

  1. barretoen

    This is an interesting post, I also have thought about the amount of water we waste by watering our plants. Sprinklers turn on automatically and I have always found it frustrating when they run even while its raining. If we could find a way to make sprinklers that turn off on days that it rains, we would already be saving a lot of water.

    1. brookshireha Post author

      Great point! I cannot tell you how many times our sprinklers ran during the day while it rained. So aggravating and wasteful!


  2. robertsonlm

    This is an awesome post! This idea you came up with is super neat and by you saving water, you are affecting the environment in many positive ways. My parents house also has a very big yard, so their sprinklers would always just turn on randomly, even if the grass did not need to be watered because it rained the day before…total waste! I also love the fact that Lowe’s allows dog too! Thanks for sharing!

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