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Environmental Ad



This environmental ad is a picture that illustrates a deep message to every individual on the planet. The picture is a time-hour glass, and at the top of the hour glass are big glaciers that are melting. There are arctic animals fighting to survive sitting on the little pieces of ice in the water that have not melted yet, but eventually will. The water from the glacier is trickling down into the bottom of the hour glass. At the bottom is a sphere-like object representing the Earth, but instead of continents on the sphere, there are trees, grass, and wildlife. Don’t be fooled though, there are also big buildings, roads, and vehicles running right through all the nature. The water from the glacier at the top of the hour glass is half-way full at the bottom of the hour glass. It looks like eventually that water will overflow and cover the whole “earth” that is illustrated as a city in this image. At the top of the hour glass there is a statement that says “we are running out of time” and at the bottom of the hour glass there is a statement that says “act now before it’s too late”. The individual who created this message is clearly very concerned for the environment and is illustrating to people who view this image, that time is running out if we do not alter how we live to better the environment. The person who created this image has a goal to show humans that climate change is really an issue, it is not a hoax, and people need to wakeup, realize that, and instigate change, before it’s too late. This individual who created this image extremely values the environment by making this in the first place to raise awareness. I feel like this person is also portraying that humans do not value the environment as much as we should. We just keep taking, taking, and taking from the environment, and eventually there will be nothing left to take, we will be doomed. The author of this image is showing that humans “egocentric” lifestyles have to change, we need to start thinking of us coexisting with nature before it is too late and we run out of time. The point of view of this image is that the environment is being depleted by human actions of driving these big cars and omitting chemicals into the air. Also by us taking down trees to construct huge buildings. I do not think anything is really missing from this image, its message and purpose is clearly there. People might take this image differently if they do not believe in climate change and then they might not agree with what is being portrayed. Another viewpoint is that maybe people might not take this as being about climate change, it could be about humans taking too many resources from the environment or us taking the lives of too many animals to where they could eventually become extinct. Any of these viewpoints really fall under the purpose that if we do not change our actions, the environment in the near future will be toast.

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  1. baileyjs

    I really like this ad and find it humbling. I also really liked your analysis of it! The way it conveys the dangers of rising sea levels with “running out of time” is genius

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