Media (Extra Credit)

The video clip I found is advertising on the topic of ecological and sustainable living, and why we should make this change now. The text of this clip is informative messages the let the viewer understand why we should start living sustainable and some ecology studies on this life style we must put in place. The clip starts off with two kids with their face painted like the earth with the text “Why Now” on the picture. Then a chart of the average person’s day is displayed with activities and the percentage of time these activities take up. There is activities listed from sleep to television use. This is really eye opening to see the amount of time useless activities take up. There is then a quote that I found very interesting from Albert Einstein. The quote basically says we cant think the same way we have been thinking to solve our problems because that same thinking has caused these problems. The video then goes on to discuss new systems that will bring forth change. It shows the broken world turning into something great with healthy trees. Different pictures of people helping in the community and doing resourceful things then are displayed. This is giving examples of what we can do for this change. The last thing that the video shows is the question “Why Now” again, and then it says “Because We Can.” The creators of this advertisement is One Community. One Community is an organization that promotes sustainable lifestyles. As explained in their bio, they are dedicated to help the community live the healthiest best life. “One Community is creating open source and free-shared resources and solutions for Highest Good food, energy, housing, education, for-profit and non-profit economics design, social architecture, fulfilled living, stewardship practices and more. The resources we are creating can be implemented as individual components or complete teacher/demonstration hubs, intentionally purposed to spin-off additional teacher/demonstration hubs as awareness and knowledge grow.” Just as explained in their bio, the goal behind this advertisement is to promote sustainable living by informing on aspects of our daily lives. The values of this organization and the advertisement hold a high standard of living, that not only is a visual but also an urge for a movement towards a certain lifestyle. The point of view in this article is change. The point of view is from seeing issues and how to go about changing these issues. I do not feel their is a point of view omitted from this advertisement. I feel some people may take this positively and negatively. The people who take it positively will see how change is needed and and can impact of lives for the greater good. The people I feel will take it negatively are those who don’t see a reason to change and believe how we are living now will not negatively impact our future. What I take away from this advertisement is the change we can make is positive and the message is also positive in my opinion.

Alexis Waters-Peterson


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