Media 2 (Extra Credit)

The advertisement I watched was for Coca Cola. Coca Cola is known for its cans that are many times seen as litter on the side of the road.  This is what this advertisement is about. Coke is trying to create sustainable efforts to limit these littering problems. The advertisement starts off with the vice-president of environment and sustainability for coke speaking on the efforts that are being put in place to encourage recycling. He talks about how packaging is very important and it can actually lead to the package becoming waste or not. He states that when people see the package, which could be coke or not, people relate the litter issue to the company. This causes a bad image for the company. He says that their company sees that packaging can be a positive thing. They feel this way because they are using the packages to promote recycling. You have probably seen the green leaf on water and other coke products. This is in hopes of promoting sustainable tactics to get rid of litter, which in return will create a better name for coke. Coke has partnered with the company Keep America Beautiful. Their role is to place bens in public places for recycling use. There is two main funding companies that help get these bens on peoples properties. They are also using bio-plastic bottles which are better for the environment. Their hopes is to create sustainable packaging. There is not that much text and subtext within this ad, it is more informative speech. The creator of this ad is coke industry, mainly the people who work with coke environment and sustainability. “Packaging plays an essential role for our business by meeting consumer needs for convenience and portability, as well as protecting and preserving our products throughout the supply chain. Coca-Cola has a goal to prevent waste over the life of our packaging, which means we are working to support initiatives that enable our used packaging to be recovered and reused.” Their goal is to inform people of their efforts and the change that is being brought forth. The values of this article to create a positive effects and efforts shown by a very powerful company. The brings forth a lifestyle of keeping our land beautiful with whatever techniques we can use. I do not see any points of views omitted. I see the point of view of getting everyone involved in sustainable acts, from the company to the consumer. It’s both parties responsibility to be sustainable. I think everyone will take this ad positively because its helping our world out. I do not see anyone taking this ad negatively. I really like the idea behind this ad and what the message is. I feel it is important that not only should the consumers be responsible for litter and waste, but the company putting in efforts as well. This is a very good image for the coke company. I think these efforts will really make a change we can see.


Alexis Waters-Peterson


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