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My opinion on Genetically Modified Organism


A genetically modified organism, according to dictionary.com, “is a an organism whose genome has been altered by the techniques of genetic engineering so that its DNA contains one or more genes not normally found there. Note: A high percentage of food crops, such as corn and soybeans.” This includes many different thing, and is a very popular topic of arguments between scientist, big corporations, and the consumers.

If you look back approximately 50,000 years ago when humans began shifting over to agriculture you can see where this all started just at a more basic way. Over the past 50,000 years people have been selecting the plants with the biggest fruits or the ones that look the best. This selection has lead to all of the major cash crops around the world. If you just for example look at the modern day corn plant or maize it look nothing like the wild ancestor it use to be. The teosinte is a small about 2 feet tall plant that produces seeds that resemble modern corn, but from selection over the past 50,000 years we get the approximately 5 foot tall corn plant that produces huge seeds. I use this example to just explain that we have been genetically modifying organisms since we became modern day humans. Today we just expedite that process. Scientist select genes that code for large fruits and instead of waiting multiple generation for the change to happen they can infuse these genes for the first generation expresses it. This cuts back the hard work of selecting and breeding plants, which takes a very long time. We also selected for the animals we have today in farms and in our homes.

There is a negative side to this though. The Genetically Modified Organism business is very serious, with people patent the genes that they use, which I completely agree with due to it being a 47.5 billion dollar market (World of Corn 2018). The problem lies when companies start infusing our food with preservatives that haven’t fully been proven not to have any negative side effect. This has the government to blame due to us not using the Precautionary Principle. Sometimes these preservative have negative side effects and the people who consumed them have no way of knowing what they have just eaten. I believe we should test thing immensely before allowing its use but the big companies lobby against it for obvious reasons.

I believe the only change we need is to label Genetically Modified Organism and to educate the people the possible side effects. I also believe we should follow most of Europe’s Precautionary principle in order to keep our citizens safe, but besides that I believe it is very useful to Genetically Modify Organisms to skip the hard manual labor and time to create the same organism through natural selection.



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