This is an ad campaign from the World Wild Fund for Nature. Their goal is to show the human impact on animals. The animals have graffiti on them and in today’s society that is viewed as vandalism. By showing this on the animals it is telling the audience that we are vandalizing the animals by taking their homes and messing up their environments. In society we see graffiti as something that immature, disrespectful people do.  As humans we are not treating the animals with the respect that we should be and as a result of that they are dying off. Their goal is to make humans see the negative impact that we are having on these animals and become conscious of it and hopefully inspire them to make a change in order to save and protect these animals. Also, showing the effect of humans on the actual animals appeals to the emotional side of humans. Most of the time these campaigns show the impact that we have on the environment for example instead of showing a whale with writing on it, there would usually be a picture of trash in the ocean. Most people would see the trash and not really care since its just water and something that doesn’t have life. But looking at the actual creature it promotes the compassionate side of humans. I think everyone would see this picture in the same way since it is geared towards all people. Seeing this makes me sad and makes me realize how much we do not respect these amazing creatures because as humans we only worry about ourselves. We only have one Earth and we are not the only living beings on it. There is enough space for humans and animals to live together and thrive in life. The only thing we have to do is be their voice and be more aware of the impact we’re having on other animals environments. Becoming aware of our effect is the most important step and this is what this ad is showing us. There shouldn’t be graffitti on and animal, so there shouldn’t be human impact on these animals. Another thing about this picture is that this is showing more than one environment. For example is shows the ocean, arctic and the sahara. This is a way of showing that our reach is affecting all kinds if environments and all types of animals are being affected. Even if we do not see it first hand, it is still happening all over the world and in every kind of environment. This picture does do its purpose in showing us the negative effect we have on all animals and it compels us to be compassionate towards these animals and hopefully promote the awareness of this. In the end, the ads purpose is to drive you to donate to the World Wild Fund for Nature in order to make a difference in these animals lives. In the end I think the ad is well made and is an effective ad that appeals to everyone.

4 thoughts on “WWF Ad

  1. I really like the portrayal of humans impact as I have never seen it depicted like this. Graffiti is a very common thing to see in many urban areas. I think it sheds a light on the issue of needing more extensive conservation on many other species.

  2. This was very nicely written. I agree that the correlation between vandalism and human impact on animals was a powerful advertising choice for WWF. It instills “shock” in those who see it, and maybe it will inspire a call to action – become a voice for these creatures! The donation is also this call. I’m in marketing studies and using a shock ad to catch people’s attention while also using a call to action has been proven successful so I hope it works for WWF. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I loved reading this! I will divulge that I am an avid hunter. Let me begin by saying that I do not kill for “trophies”. I hunt because I see fresh meat; I see dinner on the table for the next week, I see a good
    wild meaty Thanksgiving Turkey, etc. I found your blog post very insightful and agree that our actions have a reaction. To see graffiti on an animal like that definitely speaks to many people and I think, will make a large impact on us being the voices these animals need. I love animals and love our environment and all that it offers. I think people don’t understand the beauty of Mother Nature. Nothings more majestic and truly beautiful than being in a cage and seeing a massive, scary, but yet absolutely beautiful Great White Shark swim by. That’s the moment that makes you appreciate everything in nature and not take it for granted. Not many people get to experience that. Great post enjoyed reading it.

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