Final Exam

Study guide under the Assignments tab.  See you on the 15th at noon.  Don’t forget to bring your journal.

Office hours

Students, I have to cover someone else’s class today, so I cannot make my office hours this morning, Tuesday, 11-noon.  My apologies for the short notice.

Visiting Scholar lecture

Good luck on the exam.  And don’t forget about the English Department’s visiting scholar lecture tonight.  (Click on the image to enlarge.)  Three points on the midterm if you read this essay, attend the lecture, and send me via email a 100-word reflection on what Norman means by “cultural imagination” or “national memory.”  

Lime Tree Bower paper

Students, I’m in the process of sending your papers back to you.  If you go into the dropbox in OAKS where you turned the paper in, you should find your grade and an attachment–your paper with my marginal and final comment.  If you do not see any marginal comments (this especially for those who used […]


Write a paraphrase of the second stanza of Wordsworth’s “Lines” Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey (p. 289).  The stanza begins with the line, “These beauteous forms.” When you paraphrase, your “translate” the poetic language into your own, commonplace, modern prose.  You should come up with a block of prose that, when read aloud, […]

English 202: British writers since 1800

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