Under Wraps by Her’s

By Harvey Magun

Her's | SpotifyRanging from minutes to hours, days to weeks, months to years, I return to the calming whispers of Her’s. The title “Under Wraps” gives me ironic euphoria from how much it feels like a release for my soul. For many years, I have let this song scatter itself throughout my brain. The prolonged vocals and plucking of twinkling strings makes the concept of constantly feeling but with the inability to express how you feel take shape as life itself for me. With the slow tempo and personal lyrics, it feels like the songs were meant for me, though they could be for anyone, even no one at all. Even so, this song becomes everything to me whenever it saunters into my ears. It becomes true when they sing “It means more to you, then it does to them”. The singers encourage expression and allowing yourself to not fall victim to one-sided conversations.

“And I feel like I ran with a headstartAnd you’re only just starting to liveGot a lot to gain, not a lot to give”

The fear of speaking your mind about how you feel often haunts the mind. You might become scared of the outcome or if breaking your silence would be worth anything at all. People would do much more than you think to protect themselves from rejection. It feels justified for them to repeat:

“The lonely time you wander once, they’re awaySo you can’t act contentAnd who’s to say they’re gonna push you away”

The hardest part of a confession is getting started, but where would someone even start? There’s seldom any worthwhile answer to give other than just to jump in. After all, what is the worst that could happen? Every sentence, phrase, and conversation has to begin and end somehow. There’s hardly a way to simply cut it off and not finish what you began, no matter how much you tried to take it all back because you had second thoughts.

“And once it’s set in motionYou will not be looking back”

Who is to say that any conversation started has any worth or purpose? One of the most important parts is the discovery of if that question warrants an answer. The journey for the answer makes the commencement of the conversation worth potentially everything. The outcome has no guarantee that it will end for better or for worse. Either way, it is important to remember that you are worth the time it takes to find the answer.

“Will uncover a beauty thereThey never could expect”

From my own experience, I know that speaking your mind about your emotions is a challenge. You can formulate a lot of self doubt and fear just from the hope that a confession would be worth something. The pondering of if you should or should not is painfully extensive. It is best to simply take a deep breath and just begin, as if you were ripping off a band-aid. This song has led me towards many thrilling events and to many wonderful people and it has become my tune of advice if I am ever in doubt about voicing my emotions. Your emotions matter and you should not fear letting yourself be emotionally free. It may end up being your only option for the sake of your own health.

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