The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog (1926)

Opening of Only Angels Have Wings (dir. Howard Hawks, 1939) see Mulvey, top of p. 840

Hitchcock and Anny Ondra, sound test for Blackmail (1929)

Hitchcock’s camera, in a scene from Frenzy (1972) — see Modleski, Chapter 1, p. 16


Tania Modleski interview, on Rebecca, University of California Television, April 2017

Hitchcock’s storyboards
See Robin Wood, “Retrospective,” p. 41

Hitchcock and the Holocaust
New York Times article, Jan. 25, 2015

Sabotage (1936) — the “Stevie” sequence


Suspicion (1941) – glass of milk sequence

Notorious (1946) – the inspiration for the kiss sequence

“Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope — Something Different,” American Cinematographer article.

“Same Strangers, Different ‘Train'” (article in the Los Angeles Times)

Rear Window (1954) – time lapse project

A Psycho Pressbook (1960)

Farley Granger – on Hitchcock’s storyboards

Hitchcock’s storyboards

The Birds –  original ending

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