Class schedule

1/11 Intro: Alfred Hitchcock Presents
1/16 Discussion: The Lodger (1927); Wood, “Retrospective”; and Brill, “Hitchcock’s The Lodger” (in Hitchcock Reader) 
1/18 Discussion: The Lodger (1927) cont’d
1/23 Discussion: Blackmail (1929); Mulvey, “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema” (OAKS) Modleski, Introduction and Chapter 1 (study guide question #1 response due)
1/25 Discussion: Blackmail (1929) cont’d; Gottlieb, “Hitchcock’s Silent Cinema” (OAKS)
1/30 Discussion: Rebecca (1940); Modleski, chapter 3 (study guide question #3 response due)
2/1 Discussion: Rebecca (1940) cont’d
2/6 Discussion: Shadow of a Doubt (1943); McLaughlin, “All in the Family” (in Hitchcock Reader) 
2/8 Discussion: Shadow of a Doubt (1943) cont’d
2/13 Discussion: Notorious (1946); Modleski, chapter 4 (study guide question #1 response due)
2/15 Discussion: Notorious (1946) cont’d
2/20 Discussion: Rope (1948); Miller, “Anal Rope”  (OAKS); recommended: Modleski, p. 137
2/22 Discussion: Rope (1948) cont’d; Lawrence, “American Shame” (OAKS); short essay due (in OAKS) by midnight
2/27 Discussion: Strangers on a Train (1951); Wood, “Strangers on a Train” (in Hitchcock Reader); Corber, “Hitchcock’s Washington” (OAKS)
2/29 Strangers on a Train (1951) cont’d;
3/5 No class: Spring Break
3/7 No class: Spring Break
3/12 Discussion: North by Northwest (1959); Cohan, “The Spy in the Gray Flannel Suit”  (OAKS)
3/19 Discussion: Rear Window (1954); Stam & Pearson, “Hitchcock’s Rear Window” (in Hitchcock Reader) and Modleski, chapter 5 (study guide question #1 response due)
3/21 Discussion: Rear Window (1954) cont’d
3/26 Discussion: Vertigo (1958); Wood, “Male Desire, Male Anxiety” (in Hitchcock Reader); Modleski, chapter 6 (study guide question due: choose question #1 OR #2)
3/28 Discussion: Vertigo (1958) cont’d
4/2 Discussion: Psycho (1960); “A Psycho Dossier” (in Hitchcock Reader)
4/4 Discussion: Psycho (1960) cont’d
4/9 Discussion: The Birds (1963): Horwitz, “The Birds: A Mother’s Love” and Edelman, “Hitchcock’s Future” (both on OAKS)
4/11 Discussion: The Birds (1963) cont’d
4/16 Discussion: Marnie (1964); Piso, “Mark’s Marnie”; and Knapp, “Queer Marnie” (in Hitchcock Reader)
4/18 Discussion: Marnie (1964) cont’d; Modleski, 1st Afterword (“Hitchcock’s Daughters”) and 2nd Afterword (“Resurrection of a Hitchcock Daughter”)
4/23 Outro: Alfred Hitchcock Presents

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