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Is a Teacher Education Major Right for You?

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Selecting a major can be a daunting task with over 60 majors offered at the College of Charleston. Our teacher education programs offer a personalized experience with faculty members who care about you and your journey as a student. We pride ourselves on the comradery in our programs.

So, is this major for you?

You are seeking a degree that will provide endless career opportunities.  

Many people think you can only become a classroom teacher with a degree in teacher education. While our programs will prepare and certify you to step into a classroom, you will learn and develop many skills like management abilities, understanding of human behavior, and communicating effectively throughout your studies that will be transferable to many different areas. Our graduates are employed in a variety of sectors including, education administration, social work, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.

You want to make a real difference.

Nelson Mandela said, “The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.” Teachers make a measurable difference in their communities and students’ lives by mentoring and shaping the minds of future generations. Over the course of an educator’s career, the average teacher will affect over 3,000 students, as stated in Education Week.

You love to learn.

Educators have a passion for learning and sharing their knowledge with others. Many teachers earn additional teaching certifications like the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Gifted and Talented Education, and Special Education. Experienced teachers can become cooperating teachers who help mentor and advise students majoring in education and/or first-year teachers to help them transition into the profession.

Explore our top teacher education programs to learn more.

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