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Alumni Spotlight: Kate Pfile ‘04

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Associate Professor | Exercise Science Program Coordinator

Did you know Dr. Kate Pfile is a College of Charleston graduate? It is exciting to have an accomplished alumna pouring her knowledge and experience into the department and programs that helped prepare her for her career. Below she shares words of wisdom and what she loves about the College of Charleston!

What do you enjoy most about being a faculty member at the College of Charleston?

Growing up I played a lot basketball and I loved being part of a team. My teammates these days are my colleagues within the department and across campus. I know this sounds super nerdy but I enjoy setting and accomplishing goals together. I am fortunate to engage with a diverse group of driven faculty, staff, and students each day! I have been in jobs that did not bring me joy and I am thankful for those times because they help me to better appreciate my current fortunes.

What prompted you to return to the College of Charleston as a faculty member?

After I graduated from CofC and moved away I always thought it would be great to eventually move back to Charleston. I did not expect to have that opportunity only a few years after finishing graduate school. I returned to the College to teach in the Athletic Training Program, the same program I graduated from 8 years earlier. I was excited (and nervous) about the opportunity to lead students into careers within athletic training and sports medicine.

How do you feel your time and experiences at the College of Charleston helped prepare you for your career?

My time as a student at The College prepared me for higher education by challenging me academically, socially, and emotionally. Not only did I learn foundational knowledge and skills related to athletic training and exercise science, but I also developed problem-solving skills, leadership skills, and time management skills by getting involved with clubs and faculty-mentored research. As an athletic training student, I slowly learned how to cope with stress and how to break through my introverted barrier by consistently being thrust into new internship settings each semester. These days I may have different types of stressors, interact with students in the classroom instead of in an athletic setting, and solve different types of problems, but the way I approach these new situations was drafted as a CofC student.

What advice do you have for undergraduates?

You won’t ever get an opportunity like this again. Even if you continue with academics, graduate school is a different animal with a different vibe with different expectations. My advice is to take advantage of educational opportunities from your peers, professors, major, department, school, and the campus community. Sign up for events, attend guest lectures, become an active club member, volunteer, participate in research studies, talk to faculty, pursue internships, apply for scholarships and awards…in short, put yourself out there and EXPLORE! If you don’t, you’ll never know how these experiences can change your life.

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