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Degree Works Question of the Month

Posted by: Mary C. Bergstrom | October 1, 2014 Comments Off on Degree Works Question of the Month |

Question:  What does the Look Ahead feature do in Degree Works?

Answer:  The Look Ahead feature allows you to enter a list of classes that you are considering taking and see where the classes might apply to your degree. The classes entered are not considered in the GPA calculation that appears on the audit report. The requirements on which your classes are placed may not be the actual requirements where they will end up when you actually complete the class and receive a grade. Classes you enter that are not valid will not be applied to any requirements and will end up in the Courses That Exceed Policy Limits section of the audit.

To see your current academic audit showing courses for which you plan to register in FUTURE Terms:

  • Use the form to enter the four letter Subject code and Number of each anticipated course (i.e. Sociology 103 = Subject SOCY; Number 103).
  • Click Add Course after each Subject code and Number entry. The course will then appear in the Courses you are considering box.
  • Once you have created your list of courses, click on the Process New button.
  • The course(s) will appear in blue in your audit with the letters “PL” indicating Planned Term.
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