Costa Rica Blog 7

Today marks the end of an adventurous day in La Fortuna. Our morning started early with breakfast at 7 AM. We had to eat early because we were going rafting later in the morning. After breakfast we hurried back to our rooms to grab our day bags and put on our bathing suits. The rafting group picked everyone up from the hotel and bussed us out to a freshwater river. We discussed safety precautions for the river and got to meet our guides for the day. After arriving at the river, we split into two smaller groups and put our gear on. The gear consisted of a life jacket, helmet, paddle, and closed toe shoes. Once all geared up, we hoped into our raft and started the trip. We decided to raft class 2 and class 3 rapids today. Jack and I manned the front of the raft forcing us to be the main engine for the raft. Being in the front was exciting and enabled us to see the rapids before we hit them. At some points along the river, we got to jump out and swim in the freshwater. Our guide even let us float down one rapid which was fun; except for swallowing a bunch of water. Luckily, nobody unwillingly fell out of the raft, and we all ended the rapids with a smile on our face. After we got out, we changed and had lunch by the river. Here, I got to see a Sloth for the first time; it was such a unique experience. The sloth moved very slowly, almost as if it lived its life in slow motion. After lunch we got back on the bus and drove back to La Fortuna. When we made it back the hotel everyone, laid down for a long nap. Once we awoken, several guys and me walked into town to explore and stop at a supermarket for some food and drinks. After we got back to the hotel everyone got together to figure out our dinner plans. We decided on sushi, so we got changed and headed to a sushi bar in town. I enjoyed some fresh sashimi and a cucumber salad that was delicious. The table also ordered some sake for everyone to try. After dinner we walked back to the hotel to play some cards and relax by the pool. Shortly after, I got pretty tired so I headed to bed.

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