Costa Rica Blog 6

Tonight, marks the end of day 6, a trek into the rainforest! After sleeping in Tamarindo, the group ate breakfast at the hotel then packed our bags up and checked out of the hotel. After checking out we walked back into town to do some shopping and for Jack to get a message. We stayed in Tamarindo for lunch before leaving for our next destination. This time, we were leaving the coast and driving inland to the city of La Fortuna. This drive was arguably the most scenic because we passed fields of wind turbines, mountainous towns, volcanos, freshwater rivers, and a large lake just outside of La Fortuna. It was a windy drive that took us about 4 hours. Once we arrived in La Fortuna, we were treated to a nice dinner, right down the street from our hotel. Here, I ate beef enchiladas and enjoyed a house made cocktail. After dinner the group went back to the hotel to get our rooms and unpack. Some of us decided to go hangout by the pool and others were pretty worn out and they went to bed. We all knew we had some exciting adventures planned for the next two days, so we slept peacefully.

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