Costa Rica Blog 4

Tonight, marks the conclusion of one of my favorite days to date on this trip. My day started off with a typical Costa Rican breakfast and then a beautiful walk along the beach afterwards. Luckily it was low tide this morning, so we were able to explore areas of the beach that were usually unreachable. I was surprised how the quality of the water and sand changed when walking only a half mile up the beach. We saw tide pools filled with fish, crabs, and corals. I witnessed locals hunting octopus and drinking from freshwater streams pooling into the ocean. I wanted to go swimming, but I knew what was in store for the rest of our day. Instead, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for our catamaran cruise. We drove to Playa Del Coco for the cruise and stopped for lunch before climbing aboard the boat. We first got on a small boat that took us from the beach out to the catamaran that was anchored offshore. We climbed aboard and began our cruise along the Pacific Ocean. Sailing for over an hour, we passed by island after island, enjoying drinks and jokes along the way, before making our first stop. Anchoring a hundred feet from the shore, we jumped into the water and swam ashore. While here we explored the island and found a cave cutting directly through the land and water. We were able to hike up a slope that overlooked a cliff above the ocean, it was truly surreal. After hiking back to the beach, we got in the water and swam back to the boat. Once everyone boarded, we pulled the anchors up and sailed off. Sailing for another two hours we had more drinks and were served dinner aboard. Stopping once more for a swim, the group watched the sun setting as we sailed back to Playa Del Coco. The sun had set as we got back to shore, and we made our way back to our hotel. Everyone had a great time on the catamaran, and we all wished we could go back tomorrow and do it all over again.

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