Costa Rica Blog 12

Tonight, marks the end of a great adventure in Costa Rica. Today we hiked to waterfall in Cartago. Our day started early with a 6 AM wake up call. We stopped to get breakfast on our way to Cartago. Once we got there, we met up with a tour group called Cartuanis. We followed them up a gravel mountain road until we finally reached the trail hear. The drive there was beautiful and filled with farmlands, rolling hills, and views of distant mountains. We all hopped out the cars tied our shoes tight, stretched our legs, and then hit the trail. It was a strenuous trail that took us down to a river and waterfall and the bottom of a valley. It took us about an hour to make it down the valley. Once we reached the river, we had to trek across water to reach the waterfall. The views were surreal, and we all got to jump in and swim in the refreshing water! After swimming in the water, taking pictures, and having a snack, the group got ready to hike back up the valley. The hike back, although quicker, was much more exhaustive than the hike down. It was a great leg workout hiking up the valley! Finally, making it back to the cars the group enjoyed fresh fruits and conversations about the hike. We all got changed and loaded everything back into the car. We stopped at a local restaurant for lunch on our way back to San Jose. Here, we enjoyed local cuisine with a great view of Cartago. After we finished eating, we got back in the car to head to our Airbnb. Everyone was exhausted after the hike, so we all took a nap when we got to our Airbnb. Waking up just in time for dinner, the group got ready and headed out to a restaurant a few blocks away. We ate pizza, salads, soups, and enjoyed drinks. After dinner the group decided to go to a nightclub to socialize. We Ubered to a rooftop club to dance, drink, and celebrate the end to a great study abroad. Afterwards, we headed back to the Airbnb to get some sleep.

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