Costa Rica Blog 11

Tonight, marks the conclusion of another day filled with adventures and travels. It was our last morning in La Fortuna and the weather was beautiful, so the group decided to get up early and do a Volcano hike. We started with breakfast at the hotel and then the tour agency picked us up from there. We had to drive around town picking other hikers up along the way. After picking everyone up we headed towards the trail head. It was a relatively easy hike with some great views of Arenal Volcano. Not only did we get to see the volcan up close, but we also got to learn about the history of it. Arenal Volcano is currently dormant; however, it did erupt in the late 1960s and wiped out a large portion of the town. The last time the volcano was active was in 2010, since then it has been dormant. After the hike the tour agency dropped us back off at the hotel. We checked out of our rooms and hit the road. We were travelling back to San Jose today. Stopping for lunch in La Fortuna, the group enjoyed a meal with a last view of the beautiful town. After lunch we got back on the road and headed to the city. It was a 3+ hour drive so most of slept on the way. Traffic near the city slowed us down, making the drive a little longer. When we made it to San Jose, we drove the Dr. Quesada’s house to give our group presentations. We to give a sustainability report on a Costa Rican company. My group presented on the Sykes company, which was a service business located in Costa Rica. After presenting we left to go check into our hotel. Once there, we unpacked and laid low for a bit until dinner time. For dinner, the group walked over to the mall in San Jose. We ate a food court in the mall and afterwards walked back home for an early night.

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