Costa Rica Blog 10

Today marks the end of day 10 in Costa Rica. Today we visited another company to learn about their business and observe their production process. The company we visited was Visa, a pineapple and agricultural farm and exporting business. Our day started off with breakfast at our hotel and then we hit the road immediately afterwards. It took us about 2 hours to get to Visa and we received a warm welcome once we arrived. We met with Joselyn, an executive worker, to first learn about the company. We used a conference room for the meeting. The meeting started off with an introductory video about the company and then a quick presentation about the entire organization and the production plant. It was my first time touring an agricultural plant, so I had tons of questions to ask about the business, processes, and competitors. After our Q&A, we got to tour the entire plant. We saw the whole process from the pineapple being dropped off from the farm to their final packaging for the end customer. It was an impressive process, and we got the chance to taste fresh pineapple too. After the we were given a thank you package consisting of their new dried pineapple product. Overall, it was a great time visiting Visa, and I am glad to have been given the opportunity to meet the talented workers there. We stopped for a late lunch on our way home and I enjoyed some sizzling fajitas. After another hour in the car, we finally arrived back at our hotel. I worked on some assignments while others napped or did the same. After I finished my assignments and rested, the group decided to go into town for dinner. We went to a nice steakhouse in La Fortuna. Here, I enjoyed steak, wine, and a salad. We talked about our day and plans for the rest of the trip over dinner. Once finished the group headed back home to pack up for tomorrow.

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