Tonight, marks the end of our last full day in Costa Rica. We had the day off to relax and enjoy our last time in Costa Rica. We all slept in and woke for breakfast at the Airbnb. Half the group was leaving to go to Monte Verde for another week, so we all said goodbye. The rest of us, myself included, were leaving tomorrow so we had the whole day to catch up on work and get our bags ready for tomorrow’s departure. After we said our goodbyes and finished eating breakfast we rested and walked around the nearby neighborhoods in San Jose. We ended up walking over to a nearby sushi restaurant to grab lunch. Afterwards we came back to relax and finish our work. Once I finished up working, I started to pack my bags. Once I finished packing, I went out for one last stroll around San Jose. It was a quite Sunday evening that had a beautiful clear sky for sunset. I admired my last sunset and began walking back to the Airbnb to reconvene with the group. When I got there, everyone was getting hungry, so we figured out a dinner plan. We ended up ordering out food for dinner and enjoyed it at the Airbnb together. It was weird knowing that we would all be leaving tomorrow but we would be leaving smiling faces. After we ate, we enjoyed some wine and conversations before heading to bed. Overall, my time here, although short, was worth every minute. I plan to visit Costa Rica again in the near future, to make more memories and enjoy the beautiful country again.

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