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Waldman & a Beatific Feminist Voicing

Poetry often puts me ~in my feels~ but reading this selection of Anne Waldman’s “Fast Speaking Woman” produced such a strong response in me that I felt like I had to write a poem! I’m not just trying to imitate Anne Waldman’s style here, but also a respond to the poem. Now what do I […]

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The Mythopoeia of Diane Di Prima

          In the introduction to his book Diane Di Prima: Visionary Poetics and the Hidden Religions, David Stephen Calonne outlines the many influences present in Diane Di Prima’s body of work. Di Prima, whose poetry is typically classified as part of the Beat school, resisted the title, as Calonne points out, […]

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The Absurdity of the Artist in Corso’s “Marriage”

Gregory Corso’s “Marriage” is a comic, yet tragic poem about the speaker’s rambling thoughts on the institution of marriage, and whether he should get married or not. We as readers witness his personal fantasies, anxieties, and idealizations that all eventually lead back to a harsh and lonely reality, but even this turns into a quick […]

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Dead Bill in the Trunk of an El Camino

Dead Bill in the Trunk of an El Camino 1 I found it worthwhile to lie about that dead man decaying Inside the trunk of my abandoned El Camino. On a lost corner of my property cloaked by sylvan majesty A body lay bound by the finest Saffiano calfskin leather— Because even dead bitches got […]

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Allen Ginsberg, the inspiration

“Muzzled”–a creative response to “Howl”

Muzzled -Erin Larsen 1. We’re all medicated here! Or at least I don’t know anyone in this gig who is not defanged muzzled castrated by the opiates of the middle classes— fluoxetine, sertraline, venlafaxine, citalopram, imipramine, voritoxetine can’t cry anymore, can’t come, can’t feel but at least we won’t lose our jobs, right? or we […]

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