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Ekphrastic Poetry with Ellen: An Examination of Idealism and Symbolism in 19th Century French Academic Art

Edouard Bisson, Sea Nymphs 1901.   Ekphrastic Poetry with Ellen: An Examination of Idealism and Symbolism in 19th Century French Academic Art      My project will focus on the study of ekphrastic poetry. Alongside a 3-4 page reflective paper, I will write a series of ekphrastic poems (with little captions of explications) about French […]

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(Un)Conscious Configurations: The Poetics of Identity Performance in Female Confessional Poetry

Confessional Poetry, as we all know, is a school (or style) of poetry that focuses on the personal “I” and works to reveal, and therefore make readers witness to, the transgressions of the author’s life. These transgressions are extremely personal experiences that deal with the author’s psyche, personal trauma, and social taboos, such as being […]

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Project Proposal- A Bridge Between Fiction and Poetry: Flash Fiction Answers the Call for Innovation and the Poetics of Post-1945 Poetry

As we have moved through the poetics of individual poets and schools of poets, I found myself particularly focused on the goals laid out for their work. The Beats poets wanted a poetry that rode a beat, pointed out political grievances, and embodied a lifestyle; the Black Arts Movement wanted to explore voice, oppression, and […]

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for black boys with depression

I am approaching this project from the creative avenue. I plan on writing my own choreopoem about a queer black experience. The term “choreopoem” was coined by Ntozake Shange and combines aspects of poetry, and stage plays. I was inspired by Ntozake Shange and her choreopoem “for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow […]

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Vietnamese American Post-Memory Refugee Poetry: The Unacknowledged History

Ann Phong : I am Not a Virus In 1975, Congress passed the Indochina Migration and Refugee Assistance Act. This program designated four hundred million dollars in funding for the emergency evacuation of over thirty-five thousand South Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Laotian refugees from their home countries to the United States following the fall of Saigon […]

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Political Poetry: How Maya Angelou’s Poetry Promoted Unity and Individual Rights Amidst the Fight for Equality   

Maya Angelou was an adored memoirist, actress, director, and a poet. As a writer, she adapted her life into literature that both inspires and encourages others to confront racism, classism, sexism, and discrimination. Through her poetry, she can project themes of love, survival, hope, and determination. As she shared her struggles and difficult upbringing with […]

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Concepts of race in 21st century poetry: a reflection

One characteristic that both critical readings for this week share is that they focus on how 21st century poetry attempts to center experiences and works of BIPOC poets that previous poetic frameworks might have marginalized or relegated to lower status due to perceptions of race, politics, and subjectivity.  Yu explains, “Rather than seeing the work […]

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