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Brittle Bones a rewrite of Maggie Smith’s “Good Bones”

Brittle Bones By Rachel Windsor   Life is short, though I hide this from my consciousness Life is shortening, they’ve shortened mine In a thousand deceitful, horrendous ways, A thousand deceitful, horrendous ways I’ll pretend to not hear. The world is at LEAST Ninety percent terrible, and That’s a conservative Estimate, though I keep this […]

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Please Read Thee Fine Print

Did you know that Jo made a hybrid? Something about being versatile that makes the world go round and round. Because you simply spin me. And Manson ain’t quite Manson no more. Whatever happened to cults? Did the weather get too cold or clout? There’s something to this language stuff. A rhetorical flourish, an ornamental […]

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“This Adjective” after Charles Bernstein’s “This Line”

“This Adjective” after Charles Bernstein’s “This Line” This adjective is stripped of attributes. This adjective is no more than a blank void of your own subconscious. This adjective is bereft of description. This adjective has no distinguishable reference apart from its context in relativity, referentiality. This adjective only describes itself. This adjective does not distinguish: […]

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Find A Grift

Feeling sad?—Take Lexapro or pray. The church kicked me out.—I guess the minister shouldn’t have been so obvious. Writers block?—Be an elitist and use useless rhetoric. Everybody upset with form.—Relax, they’re always going to rhyme. Can’t find no peace in D.C.?—Try being black. Constant recalls, variants, social unrest, and reality television.—Thank God for the Kardashians. […]

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“Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave”

He thinks about that unholy clandestine way He met that young man in the fray Of nightclubs, and deleted apps That married man is a hapless sap And he goes home at the end of the day To lie to his wife in all caps But morning will come and eventually noon When you’re a […]

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