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Vietnamese American Post-Memory Refugee Poetry: The Unacknowledged History

Ann Phong : I am Not a Virus In 1975, Congress passed the Indochina Migration and Refugee Assistance Act. This program designated four hundred million dollars in funding for the emergency evacuation of over thirty-five thousand South Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Laotian refugees from their home countries to the United States following the fall of Saigon […]

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Brittle Bones a rewrite of Maggie Smith’s “Good Bones”

Brittle Bones By Rachel Windsor   Life is short, though I hide this from my consciousness Life is shortening, they’ve shortened mine In a thousand deceitful, horrendous ways, A thousand deceitful, horrendous ways I’ll pretend to not hear. The world is at LEAST Ninety percent terrible, and That’s a conservative Estimate, though I keep this […]

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The Materiality of Language – Lyn Hejinian’s “from The Distance”

Contemporary Poet Lyn Hejinian engages language as a “language poet” with humor and existential tonality. Her poems embody her experiences and existential observations  in a similar way to confessional poetry; however, she acknowledges her own perception as distinct from a reader’s with her satirical play with words and the changing pronouns to encompass herself, the […]

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