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Political Poetry: How Maya Angelou’s Poetry Promoted Unity and Individual Rights Amidst the Fight for Equality   

Maya Angelou was an adored memoirist, actress, director, and a poet. As a writer, she adapted her life into literature that both inspires and encourages others to confront racism, classism, sexism, and discrimination. Through her poetry, she can project themes of love, survival, hope, and determination. As she shared her struggles and difficult upbringing with […]

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“Blonde White Women” – Patricia Smith

Patricia Smith’s poem, “Blond White Women”, resonates with me as I, too, always admired blond little girls and women growing up. I grew up in the 80s and all I saw on my television screens were blonde images of beauty. Smith’s poem seems to move towards truth and clarity, and she uses great tempo and […]

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“Summer of 1961” – Journey of Life

In reading “Summer of 1961” by Denise Levertov, I feel this poem is a journey of life. Levertov expresses the loss of an old person as their journey comes to an end and the continuation of a journey once the person’s guide has left them to themselves. Levertov does well symbolizing and making the reader […]

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Marriage, Bombs, and Jail

Corso – “Marriage” Corso is a foster kid, a petty thief who went to jail for 3 years and had a career in manual labor. His poem reflects the many cliches of marriage. I believe he is talking to himself as he is trying to decide whether to talk to a girl or not and […]

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