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(Un)Conscious Configurations: The Poetics of Identity Performance in Female Confessional Poetry

Confessional Poetry, as we all know, is a school (or style) of poetry that focuses on the personal “I” and works to reveal, and therefore make readers witness to, the transgressions of the author’s life. These transgressions are extremely personal experiences that deal with the author’s psyche, personal trauma, and social taboos, such as being […]

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Listening To Our Heart: The Reclamation of Trauma in Lucille Clifton’s Poetry

In Katelyn Roth’s critical article, “‘The Human Heart Speaking’: Trauma in Selected Poems From Lucille Clifton,” Roth argues that Clifton showcases her desire and ability to move past her traumatic experiences by reclaiming the experience through poetry. The poems that Roth focuses on specifically are, “moonchild,” the “shapeshifter” poems, and also the poem, “what did […]

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The Aesthetic of Whimsy: A Close Reading of Koch’s “Permanently” 

The Aesthetic of Whimsy: A Close Reading of Koch’s “Permanently”  In Brian M. Reed’s chapter, “The New York School,” Reed describes the New York poets as embracing the inherent playfulness of language. Their poems use poetic techniques that, at first glance, do not seem very sophisticated. Wordplay, puns, poetic association, whimsical discontinuity, comedy —  these […]

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Accepting The Sunflower Within

Hanna Reynolds Accepting The Sunflower Within Allen Ginsberg’s poem “Sunflower Sutra” explores how identity is put into crisis through the perversion of self and how it can be recovered by accepting a more complex outlook of one’s own identity. Ginsberg achieves this through a bombardment of direct and impassioned language and imagery; by paralleling pastoral […]

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