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Restless Indivisibility

Language poetry to me felt more like a post-modern philosophy of language, a constant experiment, rather than poetry as I normally understand it or try to grasp. I feel like this writing really requires time to get used to reading just because it is so different than what people normally read. As soon as one […]

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Gwendolyn Brooks’ Expansive Signifier

  In “Signifying “Afrika”: Gwendolyn Brooks’ Later Poetry,” an article published by the John Hopkins University Press,  Annette Debo focuses on the establishment of African roots as one of the major sentiments of the Black Nationalism that affected Gwendolyn Brooks. Debo pays special attention to Brooks’ use of “Afrika” as an expansive signifier that changes […]

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The Ambivalence of Reappearing in Plath’s “Lady Lazarus”

These readings more than the other poems certainly disturbed me. Something about them —the anxiety, the anger; it was those moments of poetic, raw confession given by someone who is obviously not doing too well with their mental health: “Soon, soon the flesh/ The grave cave ate will be/ At home on me” (Plath 417). […]

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The Absurdity of the Artist in Corso’s “Marriage”

Gregory Corso’s “Marriage” is a comic, yet tragic poem about the speaker’s rambling thoughts on the institution of marriage, and whether he should get married or not. We as readers witness his personal fantasies, anxieties, and idealizations that all eventually lead back to a harsh and lonely reality, but even this turns into a quick […]

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