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Seeing History in Harper’s “American History”

Michael S. Harper, Image Source: africanamerianpoetry.orgMichael S. Harper’s poem “American History” is a haunting nine line poem. The poem’s use of concrete images coupled with it’s compact brevity works to speak not only to America’s racist past, but of also to the treatment of history in America. The poem opens with reference to the Baptist […]

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Bridging the Gap in Carolyn Rodgers’ Poetry

In her writing on Carolyn Rodgers’ collection of poetry How I Got Ovah, Estella M. Sales examines Rodgers’ use of the phrase “how I got ovah” and its illustration of double meaning in Rodgers’ poetry. Sales begins by noting the traditional meaning of the “black colloquialism” as “how one has triumphed spiritually; how one has […]

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Meeting Death on Cole’s Island

Charles Olson is often regarded as the founder of the Black Mountain School of poetry which widely applies what John Osbourne calls a “peculiarly energized version of free verse” (170), known as “projective verse.” In Olson’s manifesto “Projective Verse,” he speaks at length on the idea of projective verse and open form poetry. As Cary […]

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The Mythopoeia of Diane Di Prima

          In the introduction to his book Diane Di Prima: Visionary Poetics and the Hidden Religions, David Stephen Calonne outlines the many influences present in Diane Di Prima’s body of work. Di Prima, whose poetry is typically classified as part of the Beat school, resisted the title, as Calonne points out, […]

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