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Project Proposal- A Bridge Between Fiction and Poetry: Flash Fiction Answers the Call for Innovation and the Poetics of Post-1945 Poetry

As we have moved through the poetics of individual poets and schools of poets, I found myself particularly focused on the goals laid out for their work. The Beats poets wanted a poetry that rode a beat, pointed out political grievances, and embodied a lifestyle; the Black Arts Movement wanted to explore voice, oppression, and […]

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Formalism and “Assimilation”

In the spirit of the formalist poets of the twentieth century, I sought out to attempt to make form a valuable trait in the poem I wrote for this week’s blog post. The formalists argued that by moving entirely away from form, so much so that most of the top poets of the era were […]

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Anti-Semitism within the Black Arts Movement

Although the import of this passage can be minimized as rhetoric directed against Jewish businessmen in black communities, the fact is that anti-Semitism was a frequent feature of Black Arts poetry. Virtually every participating poet wrote at least one anti-Semitic poem, and some wrote more, though the level of virulence varied considerably. For Baraka it […]

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A Representation of Psychology: A Close Reading of W.D. Snodgrass’s “Mementos, 1”

In, “Leaping into the Unknown: The Poetics of Robert Bly’s Deep Image,” Kevin Bushnell explores the use of an image in Bly’s poems. Bushnell demonstrates how Bly used images as a way into the speaker’s psychological state, the speaker’s unconscious mind, and how this, for Bly and others of the “Confessional” school of poets, became […]

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Levertov’s Outline and “Space Travelers”

In reading poetry from the Black Mountain poets, I came to the realization that it would be difficult to effectively discuss their poems, aside from the use of white space, the syllables, the construction of lines, etc. For me, such a discussion somewhat fails to get at the heart of their work. Olson highlighted the […]

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