Summer Internship with Lulie Wallace

Type of Organization

Fine Art / Small Business

Supervisor Name, Title

Brooke Atwood, Studio Assistant

Supervisor Email


Organization Website

Internship Position Title

Studio Intern

Internship Classification


Internship Description

I am a visual artist, fabric designer and surface designer. Along with having a fabric line and painting, I design patterns to be licensed out to different companies for different products. In the past, I have worked with companies like Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and One Kings Lane in similar partnerships.

My work is heavily social media based. Most of my purchasers have found out about my work through social media, therefor it is a large priority for the intern on a daily basis!

He/she would fulfill and ship orders right out of my studio at the Cigar Factory and manage the back end of my online website. They would keep inventory of supplies and work with clients directly if there are any issues with orders. I use Shopify to run my store, and I think it would be a great program for students to learn to navigate!

Most importantly, I think the intern would be encouraged and could see what it looks like if you wanted to make producing artwork into a career. The only people I came in contact with that were making a living as an artist were my teachers. I hope to show the intern the multiple ways you can make a job out of being a creative!

-Lulie Wallace

Qualifications/Skills Required

Hard working, self motivated, organized, deep interest for art and works well with others! We work in a community at the Cigar Factory, so they would need to get along well with others!

Skills Learned DuringInternship

Website management

Prepping paintings for shipments

Packaging and shipping

Client/artist relations

Inventory Management

Small business insight

Observe professional career in the arts

Internship Location

Cigar Factory

How To Apply

To apply, send your resume, academic schedule and any career goals to

Deadline to Apply

April 12th

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