Strategic Marketing International: Seeks Marketing Intern (Summer 2021)

With Who:  Strategic Marketing International

Location:  Charleston, SC

Dates:  Summer 2021

Position Summary:  Work at a marketing agency and be involved with all aspects of the marketing world. It is an exciting time to market for small businesses, the world is changing rapidly and students will get the opportunity to work on in high-impact projects. The student will be involved with discovery, strategy, implementation, and analysis. Based on the students strengths and interests, tasks will be determined that benefit both the student and the company. As a small company we wear lots of hats, and we understand that college interns are looking to get experience in different areas.

The skills/knowledge/training that each intern receives will comprise of both:

  1. Marketing knowledge
  2. Career development

Marketing knowledge will vary slightly based on the strengths and interests of the student, some examples include market research, creative strategy, design, wordpress, programming, direct mailers, emails, events, seo, ppc, video, photography, websites, & client management.

Career development will have an emphasis on empathy and the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.


  • Be a good person
  • Desire to learn and create
  • Hard worker


  • Start/End Dates are negotiable.
  • For full time interns (40hrs/wk) we give a stipend of $600 for the summer. For part-time work it is unpaid (10-15 hrs/wk).
  • Student will be given support, receive feedback, and be directly supervised by the Vice President.

Application Deadline:  Applications due by April 25, 2021 at 12:00 AM.

Apply (or request more information):  See the CofC Handshake Portal site.

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