Content Producers for NOOZ

NOOZ.TV is looking for passionate people to produce content for one of its many channels. All you need is a smartphone.

You can think of NOOZ as a local magazine but in a video format. NOOZ is targeting hundreds of markets across the US in the next 24 months but it is first launching in Wilmington and Charleston.

For a limited time, select content producers –we call them Casters– can be compensated by NOOZ.TV for their videos. 20 one minute videos can be paid up to $200. If interested, you must first undergo a short interview. Please email

Deadline for applying: March 30, 2019

Space is limited.

Here is a copy of the guidelines:

This is not a job offer but a great resume builder and a chance to make up to $200 for 20 one minute videos.

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