FYE in Italy: Let’s Eat in Italy and Write About it Too (Spring Break)

Visit Italy and experience the culture through its world-renowned cuisine. We’ll explore—and write about—the food of Tuscany and Umbria, “the green heart of Italy,” from farm to table. We’ll take cooking classes from a world-renowned chef, meet the most famous butcher in the world, dine on legendary dishes with histories reaching back millennia, even help make pecorino—sheep’s cheese—on a cheesemaker’s farm, enjoying all the while the best food in the world. Continue reading FYE in Italy: Let’s Eat in Italy and Write About it Too (Spring Break)

CofC in Scotland: Art History (Summer)

College of Charleston students will be immersed in a practical preservation skills building environment that has been developed by the Prince of Wales. Dumfries House is home for the Prince’s Foundation (https://dumfries-house.org.uk/blog/page/188/the-princes-foundation-a-new-beginning). In Glasgow and Edinburgh, through interactive tours and drawing exercises, students will gain a knowledge of historic architecture and will come to understand historic preservation efforts in various contexts from the local to World Heritage. Practical exercises on the Dumfries House campus will give students first-hand experiences in traditional crafts such as black-smithing, thatching and stone masonry all with an eye towards utilizing these skills in applications on projects at home and abroad. Continue reading CofC in Scotland: Art History (Summer)

CofC in Scotland: Arts Management (Summer)

Turn the thriving arts scene of Scotland into your classroom this summer. You’ll get hands-on experience in the performing arts community in Glasgow and Edinburgh and increase your understanding of planning, promoting, and presenting arts events through coursework, guest speakers, and site visits. From Glasgow’s thriving music industry to the stages of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, you’ll be behind the scenes learning what it really takes to present the performing arts. Continue reading CofC in Scotland: Arts Management (Summer)

CofC in Poland, Germany, Netherlands: Jewish Studies (Summer)

This program will take students to a part of the world where Nazi Germany carried out the “final solution to the Jewish question” under the cover of World War II. Poland was home to some three-and-a-half million Jews, 90 per cent of whom died in the genocide we call the Holocaust. Another two million Jews from every corner of Europe were transported to extermination centers such as Auschwitz, Treblinka, and Chelmno—three places we will visit in Poland. In Krakow and Warsaw, we will tour former Jewish neighborhoods and visit museums, synagogues, and churches, and hold joint classes with Polish students. In Berlin and Amsterdam, we will tour the old Jewish neighborhoods, assess the meaning and impact of memorials to the dead, and sample the dynamic nightlife of the cities. Continue reading CofC in Poland, Germany, Netherlands: Jewish Studies (Summer)

CofC in Ukraine, Poland, and Germany: Art & Architectural History (Summer)

What can we learn about walls and borders? How do you different political systems create and divide communities, and how people have struggled to heal their homeland after they have been torn apart? This 16 day journey by railroad through six cities in three countries will explore those questions through the art and architecture of Eastern Europe. We will explore a part of the world that has moved from communism to capitalism in a brutally short time span. We will be looking at this history In the art works, architecture, urban fabric, and other marks of change on the people and the places they call home. Continue reading CofC in Ukraine, Poland, and Germany: Art & Architectural History (Summer)

CofC in Italy (Florence): Psychology (Summer)

Live like a local and study family life and child welfare in Florence, Italy for an entire month exploring the rich history of Tuscany. There will be integrated excursions within Florence including a guided experience in the Ospedale Degli Innocenti (Hospital of the Innocents). Due to the crisis of hundreds of abandoned and orphaned babies in the 1400’s, the first orphanage, Ospedale Degli Innocenti, was built and cared for over 375,000 children over five centuries and continues to advocate children worldwide today. Continue reading CofC in Italy (Florence): Psychology (Summer)

CofC in Italy (Spoleto): Creative Writing (Summer)

Join us in Spoleto, Italy for our month-long program in travel writing and American literature. We’ll stay in a 15th-century villa overlooking the Italian countryside, explore Spoleto, travel throughout the country, and enjoy the culinary pleasures of Italy through private tastings and cooking classes. The program fee includes everything from round trip airfare to our stay in the villa, from a long weekend in Florence to cooking classes, from tours of area wineries to day hikes in the Umbrian hills, rail passes for weekend travel (a must while in Italy!), and so much more. Continue reading CofC in Italy (Spoleto): Creative Writing (Summer)

CofC in Morocco and Spain: Political Science, African Studies, Francophone Studies (Summer)

Choose from two of four courses earning 6 CofC credits while experiencing the diverse natural environment and complexity of Morocco’s historical and contemporary social, economic, and political mosaic. Travel includes sites in and around Tangier, Fes, Marrakesh and Chefchaoen. A result is a unique understanding of Morocco as the westernmost Islamic, southernmost European and northernmost African country. Continue reading CofC in Morocco and Spain: Political Science, African Studies, Francophone Studies (Summer)

CofC in Spain: Spanish, Business, and Sustainability (Summer II)

Spend 16 days studying and living in Trujillo, Spain and then beat the heat for the next few nights and days as you travel through northern Spain and into Portugal. The program will include guest lectures and site visits to enhance what you are learning. You’ll learn first-hand about the primary economic engines and sustainable business practices in Spain through guest lectures and site visits. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to earn CofC Business and Spanish credits. Continue reading CofC in Spain: Spanish, Business, and Sustainability (Summer II)

CofC in Belgium, France, and Germany: Dance (Summer)

Dancing through the Europe is a special topics course design to fulfill the humanities requirement at the College of Charleston. Through this program we will visit Paris, France; Brussels, Belgium; and Berlin, Germany. Students will have the opportunity to tour performance venues and see different shows. Throughout their travels, students are required to keep journals, participate in schedule discussions, write critical performance reviews, and engage in leadership challenges to maximize their experiences abroad. Continue reading CofC in Belgium, France, and Germany: Dance (Summer)

CofC in Germany: Neuroscience (Summer)

This program is designed to enlighten students regarding the international nature of neuroscience research and the vast research opportunities and collaborations that are possible in today’s scientific community. More specifically, the goal of the program is to expose students to neuroscience research and training conducted by the consortium of the German Schools of Neuroscience (GSN) through an intensive four-week neuroscience seminar experience. The program will visit two GSN campuses: Charité Medical University in Berlin and Ludwig Maximilians Universitat in Munich. Throughout the four week program students will interact with leading researchers through seminar style lectures, laboratory tours, and demonstrations. Continue reading CofC in Germany: Neuroscience (Summer)

FYE: Fire & Ice: Exploring Iceland (Spring Break)

Fire & Ice: Exploring Iceland will provide a more in-depth, hands-on look at the dynamic processes forming the island of Iceland and the native culture. We will explore active volcanoes, glaciers and other geomorphic features, taste local food and more. Key geologic activities include visits to active volcanoes and glaciers in two of Iceland’s National Parks and hikes to two waterfalls and a black pebble (volcanic) beach. A visit to a geothermal plant and a native fishing village will provide insight into how the Icelanders have learned to live in such a dynamic environment. Continue reading FYE: Fire & Ice: Exploring Iceland (Spring Break)

CofC in England and Scotland: History and Political Science (Summer)

Study this summer on site in the United Kingdom in London at the Foundation for International Education. Both courses will focus on the historical and contemporary relationship between Europe, the European Union, and Great Britain. You will explore “Brexit” as a centerpiece of the program and major topics such as immigration, London as a global finance capital, environmental policy and sustainability, and the British experience during the two great world wars. Spend a month learning and exploring in modern and historic locations. Continue reading CofC in England and Scotland: History and Political Science (Summer)

CofC in the Netherlands (Amsterdam): Public Health (Summer)

Program Dates and Fee: June 3-July 1, 2022 | $5,109* (Does not include tuition or airfare) Students take the following courses: HEAL 456: Biostatistics in Health Sciences HEAL 460: Public Health Administration Program Description: Spend over 20 days studying and … Continue reading CofC in the Netherlands (Amsterdam): Public Health (Summer)

CofC in Spain (Trujillo): Spanish Language & Culture (Summer)

The best way to learn a language is to be fully immersed in it. Spend the extended summer earning CofC credit while taking language and culture classes in Trujillo, Spain. Classes are held in the Coria, a 15th century restored convent and you will live with host families in Trujillo, offering them an extraordinary opportunity to improve fluency in Spanish and experience the Spanish culture firsthand. Language classes will be integrated with experiences outside of the classroom. In addition to visits to local sites of interest, there will be excursions to other cities throughout the program. Continue reading CofC in Spain (Trujillo): Spanish Language & Culture (Summer)

CofC in Trujillo, Spain: Spanish Language and Culture (Spring 2022)

The College of Charleston’s spring semester study abroad program in Trujillo, Spain is designed for students who major or minor in Spanish, or who are interested in earning 12 -15 credit hours of upper level Spanish; or for students from any academic discipline interested in developing fluency in Spanish while maintaining normal progress towards graduation. Classes are held in the Coria, a 17th century restored convent, from Monday through Thursday weekly, allowing students ample time to explore Spain. Students will live with local Spanish families. Continue reading CofC in Trujillo, Spain: Spanish Language and Culture (Spring 2022)

SEA Semester

SEA Semester® provides an experiential opportunity to gather firsthand knowledge that will influence students’ lifelong relationships with the ocean. As our society becomes more aware of how integral the oceans are to the planet, from climate patterns to energy production to the origins of life itself, we must also understand how to conserve these important resources. Moving beyond the textbook toward practical application, hands-on research, and personal experience, SEA Semester prepares students to take a more active role in solving today’s environmental problems. Continue reading SEA Semester