FYE in Italy: Let’s Eat in Italy and Write About it Too (Spring Break)

Visit Italy and experience the culture through its world-renowned cuisine. We’ll explore—and write about—the food of Tuscany and Umbria, “the green heart of Italy,” from farm to table. We’ll take cooking classes from a world-renowned chef, meet the most famous butcher in the world, dine on legendary dishes with histories reaching back millennia, even help make pecorino—sheep’s cheese—on a cheesemaker’s farm, enjoying all the while the best food in the world. Continue reading FYE in Italy: Let’s Eat in Italy and Write About it Too (Spring Break)

FYE: Fire & Ice: Exploring Iceland (Spring Break)

Fire & Ice: Exploring Iceland will provide a more in-depth, hands-on look at the dynamic processes forming the island of Iceland and the native culture. We will explore active volcanoes, glaciers and other geomorphic features, taste local food and more. Key geologic activities include visits to active volcanoes and glaciers in two of Iceland’s National Parks and hikes to two waterfalls and a black pebble (volcanic) beach. A visit to a geothermal plant and a native fishing village will provide insight into how the Icelanders have learned to live in such a dynamic environment. Continue reading FYE: Fire & Ice: Exploring Iceland (Spring Break)

FYE: International Health in Scandinavia – Destination Copenhagen (Spring Break)

This Spring Break find out why Copenhagen consistently tops surveys of the world’s best places to live, and hits the sweet spot between a relaxed, village-like atmosphere and a vibrant big city vibe. Freshman and Sophomores are able to take FYE: 109 – International Health in Scandinavia and travel during Spring Break 2022 to this majestic city. There you will be able to get hands on experiences with guest lectures, site visits and cultural activities. Don’t miss out on this unique experience to earn CofC credit. Continue reading FYE: International Health in Scandinavia – Destination Copenhagen (Spring Break)

FYE: The Scottish Play: Macbeth, Edinburgh and the Highlands (Spring Break)

Experience the city of Edinburgh and tour Macbeth country and the Highlands. We will explore and compare Shakespeare’s imagined Scotland and the historical Scotland of the 11th century ruler known as the Red King. We could not pick a better place to explore the dramaturgy of Macbeth and its historical facts, fictions, and superstitions. Continue reading FYE: The Scottish Play: Macbeth, Edinburgh and the Highlands (Spring Break)

CofC in the Netherlands (Amsterdam): Public Health (Summer)

Program Dates and Fee: June 3-July 1, 2022 | $5,109* (Does not include tuition or airfare) Students take the following courses: HEAL 456: Biostatistics in Health Sciences HEAL 460: Public Health Administration Program Description: Spend over 20 days studying and … Continue reading CofC in the Netherlands (Amsterdam): Public Health (Summer)

IFSA Butler

Learn About Scholarships, Grants & Internship Opportunities That IFSA Offers For Students. Find Your Favorite Study Abroad Location, Program Or School To Get Your Journey Started! Real-World Learning. Inclusive Excellence. Study Abroad Programs. Enduring Impact. Continue reading IFSA Butler

College Year Athens (CYA)

CYA (College Year in Athens) is a non-profit educational institution that has been acting as a cultural and educational bridge between the U.S. and Greece for over half a century. We aim to help students become global citizens who understand and appreciate other cultures. Continue reading College Year Athens (CYA)


International Studies Abroad / ISA is a program provider offering 68 abroad programs. Programs offered include Study Abroad, Internship, Volunteer, Intensive Language, Gap Year, and High School abroad programs in 29 countries such as Australia, Ireland, South Africa, and New Zealand. Continue reading ISA

SEA Semester

SEA Semester® provides an experiential opportunity to gather firsthand knowledge that will influence students’ lifelong relationships with the ocean. As our society becomes more aware of how integral the oceans are to the planet, from climate patterns to energy production to the origins of life itself, we must also understand how to conserve these important resources. Moving beyond the textbook toward practical application, hands-on research, and personal experience, SEA Semester prepares students to take a more active role in solving today’s environmental problems. Continue reading SEA Semester

School for International Training (SIT)

SIT programs are developed around a framework of the most critical global issues (CGIs) of the day. Our programs are interdisciplinary and appropriate for a variety of majors. Most programs address two CGIs within specific cultural and geographical contexts or comparatively across several countries and continents. Continue reading School for International Training (SIT)

University of Southern Mississippi (USM)

The British Studies Program, founded in 1976, is organized by Southern Miss through an academic consortium of colleges and universities. The program offers ten to fifteen different courses in various disciplines. Students will take one course and earn six credit hours through lectures taught by British scholars, artists, business leaders, and government officials, and through field excursions to various locations in and around London. On British Studies, London becomes the students’ classroom as they experience their subject first-hand and conduct research supervised by their professor. Continue reading University of Southern Mississippi (USM)