FYE: The Scottish Play: Macbeth, Edinburgh and the Highlands (Spring Break)

Program Dates and Fee:

March 6 – March 12, 2021 | $3,175* (subject to change and does not include tuition)

Students take the following courses:

  • FYET – 139: The Scottish Play (1 Credit)

Program Description:

Experience the city of Edinburgh and tour Macbeth country and the Highlands. We will explore and compare Shakespeare’s imagined Scotland and the historical Scotland of the 11th century ruler known as the Red King. We could not pick a better place to explore the dramaturgy of Macbeth and its historical facts, fictions, and superstitions.

Program Director:

Please contact Glenda Byars at Johnsongb@cofc.edu or Dr. Susan Kattwinkel at Kattwinkels@cofc.edu if you have any questions about this program.

Please Note:

  • FYE Abroad courses do not count towards the FYE graduation requirement
  • Earn CofC elective credit towards graduation
  • Does not impact tuition rate if enrolled full time (12-18 credits) during the spring semester
  • FYE courses will be open to sophomores for 2022

The CIE is hosting an information session on FYE Programs on Wednesday, September 8th at 12:00 pm.

Application Deadline: October 15, 2021

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