CofC the World: Exciting CIE Scholarship News

Exciting CIE Scholarship News! CIE has increased the maximum potential award amount for its general scholarship to $2500 for a semester program and up to $2000 for a summer program. Criteria for the CIE General Scholarship include academic merit, demonstration of financial need, a personal statement, and a recommendation form from two faculty members. The deadline for students to apply through for Spring 2022 CIE Scholarships is October 5, 2021. More information can be found on the CIE website:

CIE Scholarships

The CIE offer numerous scholarships to help students address financial barriers to study abroad. In addition to the many scholarships available through the CIE, we also support students applying for nationally competitive scholarships such as the Gilman, Boren and Freeman-ASIA. Beyond the CIE scholarships, financial assistance is also available through select CofC departments, affiliate providers, and external organizations. For scholarship details, please visit our website:

Studying Abroad as a Gilman Scholar by Abigail Martuscello

This time last year, I was filling out scholarship applications like there was no tomorrow. Between juggling classwork during the week, waking up early on weekends, and dedicating substantial amounts of time during CofC’s Fall Break – I knew if I wanted to make my dream of studying abroad a reality I needed to secure as much financial aid as possible. I took advantage of some of CofC’s departmental scholarships…