Day in the life on Semester At Sea by Chase Hirshorn

Embarking on Semester At Sea is like stepping into a dream for any college student. The sheer awesomeness of traveling the globe on a cruise ship, hitting up three continents and thirteen ports, transforms us into true global citizens.

Living among 500 fellow students and 300 staff members creates an incredible sense of community. We’re not just studying abroad; we’re coexisting, learning, and exploring together. This unique experience turns us into a tightly-knit family, fostering connections that go beyond the classroom.

The daily routine, from the repetitive breakfasts to the engaging global studies classes, shapes us into individuals with a profound understanding of different cultures and histories. Learning doesn’t just happen within the four walls of a classroom but is woven into the fabric of our everyday experiences. The creativity in adapting classrooms to the ship’s environment adds an exciting edge to our education.

Downtime is not just a break; it’s an opportunity to connect, plan, and share experiences. The gym with its limited equipment is more than just a workout space; it’s a reminder of the incredible view of the vast ocean that surrounds us. Dining with professors and staff, discussing plans over dinner, and participating in evening seminars with experts further enrich our understanding of the world.

The limited WiFi, while initially a challenge, becomes a bonding experience. Planning our next adventures with just seven minutes of connectivity forces us to collaborate, strategize, and make decisions efficiently, making us resilient global citizens.

The evening stargazing ritual symbolizes the vastness of the world we are exploring and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. As we head to bed, ready to embrace another day of discovery, we realize that Semester At Sea isn’t just a study abroad program; it’s a transformative journey that turns us into enlightened, adaptable, and culturally aware global citizens.

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