Culture, Customs, & Tradition by Caroline Benson

One thing I love most about living in Spain is all of the festivals. Just in my small town, Trujillo, we had a number of really fun festivals on the weekends, in which people came from all over to attend. In February it was Carnaval, which is celebrated with bull runs throughout the small streets and in the plaza. This was a time I definitely experienced culture shock. People ran around with the bulls, taunting them until they would charge toward them. Even though it is so dangerous, many people have a lot of fun with it. Another huge celebration in Spain is “Semana Santa”.  This happens the week before Easter, mostly in Andalusia, and it is when huge floats carrying religious statues are brought to the church, and it can involve thousands of people, so it is really cool to see. Then on Easter Sunday there is a huge celebration called “Chiviri” in Trujillo. The plaza was packed with people and there was a stage playing music the whole day and night before. Everyone was in the plaza eating, drinking, and dancing. It was basically a huge party with the entire town and people from all over and was tons of fun. Then finally, one of my other favorite festivals was the national cheese festival. This was the first weekend of May and tons of vendors from all over Spain came to sell cheese. I got to buy tickets to try a ton of different cheeses and they were delicious! The plaza was packed with people and it was a great way to spend my last weekend in Trujillo. In my short time abroad, I feel like I was able to experience so much Spanish culture which I am so thankful for. It felt like there was always something going on, and even though I was living in such a small town, it often didn’t feel like it.

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