London Reflection by Daniella Johansson

After three months in London, I have learned so much. As the city is filled with diversity and is essentially a melting pot, many different opportunities have arisen that I am not quite used to. I have tried about every nationality of food and learned more about global health than I could have ever imagined. Though, with interacting among different nationalities, there has been a lot of confusion as the language barrier is very prominent. Especially living in a flat with six other girls whom I have never met before from all around the world. They have introduced me to their home dishes as each are unique in flavors. For example, the other day one of my flat mates cooked me the traditional tikka chicken dish from India. Then, I cooked burgers the next day for them. As for school, I have been opened up to many different public health systems I was unaware of. You do not realize how different countries manage their policies and systems within health until others share their personal experiences. An example in public health differences that resonated with me was in India. The use of pesticide for the wrong reasons is very prominent, especially in the political world. This is a massive mental health problem that is not addressed. Also, awareness of mental health is not prioritized. Specifically, I have noticed the lack of mental health practices in university settings here in London. This is an extreme difference as in Charleston, the college emphasizes the importance of proper mental health and cares and supports their students at all times. Many opportunities and resources are available to all students. Again, this is just a difference in health system and legislation. Overall, my time here has inspired me to continue to learn about different countries and cultures as they do influence us, even if it does not seem so. I never knew a city in the UK would contain so much history, diversity, and opportunity.

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