Living with A Host Family by Sydney Anderson

While studying abroad in Trujillo, Spain, I have been living with a truly amazing host family. Before I traveled to Spain, I was very nervous about living with a host family. I was worried about the language barrier, because I have never taken any Spanish classes. We were warned that the citizens of Trujillo spoke little to no English, and that includes our host families. I was also just nervous about living in someone else’s home for 3 months. My nerves immediately melted away when my host mother, Eva, took me into her arms the moment I stepped off of the bus. My family consists of my mother, Eva, my brother, Rodrigo, and my two sisters, Elena and Estrella. Both Estrella and Rodrigo are in college in Barcelona and Madrid, so I mainly live with Eva and Elena. Living with my Spanish family has really just been like living with my American family. We have meals together, usually lunch and dinner. Eva is an amazing cook, and I look forward to my meals literally everyday. We all sit in the living room or the kitchen to pass around the food and have conversation. While I definitely can’t understand everything that is being said, they also try to include me in their conversations and ask about my day. Our meals are full of jokes, laughter, and smiles. Eva is one of the most amazing mothers I have ever met. She always surprises me with my favorite treats like fresh sweet bread from the bakery, or remembers my favorite cheeses from the market. Before I left Spain, she bought me a beautiful pair of matching pajamas with little Paddington bear drawings on them as a goodbye gift. They have shown me unconditional love and support, and my time in Spain wouldn’t have been complete without them.

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