South of Spain by Taylor Henry

This past week we traveled to South of Spain. A much more colorful, diverse city in aspects of dance, art, expression, and people. As a whole Spain is a more direct culture in mannerisms, speech, and action but it still catches me off guard when I experience it. It makes connecting with people that much more interesting because there is less pressure for everyone to be in agreement whereas your opinions here positive and negative are welcome and have no impact on said relationship. The staring when I first arrived was something that I was very conscious of but as I traveled to other European countries I find that it’s the same. People are intrigued when they see something different and no matter how hard you try to blend in it’s almost like they can sense it. Nevertheless the culture shock in Trujillo Spain began as rather minimal. But it crept up on me, as did my adaption to and preference for these small changes like coming home for lunch at 2:30, and lingering around with friends. I think my favorite element of the Spanish experience could be the power of friendship and having a sense of community.

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