Reflection on my Chilean Experience by Alina Rosario

My study abroad experience in Santiago, Chile has taught me a lot about the Chilean culture as well as their history and how it affects them today. I think that this experience will help me in my future career in understanding people from different Spanish speaking countries and the difference in native speakers of the language. In my time there, I learned a lot more about the Spanish language and communicated with locals more effectively.

Some advice I have for future study abroad students is to: keep an open mind so that you can immerse yourself into the culture easier. By accepting and living the way they live, you will get the full experience and enjoy your time abroad more. For example, try to talk with your host family more and if they invite you places with them, go. Living with a host family is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture and learn new things. Making friends in your host country is also a good way to immerse yourself; you can learn new slang in your host language as well as get a feel of how people your age live life.

This study abroad experience has made me think of my place in the world and what I can do career wise. This experience has also made me realize how different life is in the United States, not only culturally, but also socially. In Chile, the younger generations are very involved in what is happening in their country politically and economically. The majority of them care deeply about their futures and bettering their current situations.

I would love to intern or work abroad in the future in a Spanish speaking country.  I love experiencing different  cultures and a new way of life.

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