Introduction by Madison Caranta

Name: Madison Caranta

Major: International Business

Minor 1: Global Logistics and Transportation

Minor 2: Economics

Host Program/Institution: TEAN – Singapore Management University (SMU)

Why did you choose your program? I chose this program because I’d never been to Asia. I was born and raised in France, so I know Europe quite well. My mother is American, and I visit her side of the family in the US rather often. Therefore, I know the US quite well also! Why not go somewhere I have never been? This led me to choose Asia.


What goals have you set for your time abroad? I wanted to connect with people of higher status and be immersed in as many cultures as possible.


What research have you done about your host country? Not much too be honest. I wanted to fully feel the shock of being on a completely different area of the world.

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