A Day in Rome by Chase Lee

Hello! My name is Chase Lee, and I am currently a senior at the College of Charleston, studying abroad in Rome, Italy for the Fall 2023 semester. I have been in Rome for about two months now and have loved every minute of it.

When I wrote my first blog post, the last place that I had visited was Barcelona. Since then, I have traveled to Venice and the Amalfi Coast. Both were spectacular, and I would love to go back in the future.

A typical day for me consists of waking up and going to a nearby café to grab a croissant and cappuccino before class. I then go to my classes and work on homework and study at my apartment in between them. When I have finished classes for the day, I go on an afternoon walk or night walk around Rome with some of the friends I have made in my program. We love walking through Trastevere, which is the neighborhood where my apartment is, as well as John Cabot University. We also walk along the Tiber River, which is beautiful at sunset.

For dinner, I eat with friends at the Tiber Café every Monday and Wednesday. The Tiber Café is the John Cabot University dining hall, and the food is surprisingly delicious for dining hall food! On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I either make food at my apartment or indulge in the local cuisine around Rome. On weekends I am usually travelling, so my meals are at restaurants in the new city I am in. After dinner, I always get gelato at the shop around the corner from my apartment, and it never disappoints! My favorite flavor is either stracciatella or hazelnut. After I have a sweet treat I relax at my apartment by hanging out with my roommates, watching tv, and planning my next weekend excursion. I could get used to this daily routine.

Overall, I’m still loving my study abroad experience and I can’t wait for what this last month and a half has to offer!

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